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In this blog we share thoughts, ideas and howtos for new traders to help in their journey to become experts.

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From to Leveraging Generative AI for Systematic Trading and Asset Management

Introducing, our rebranded venture leveraging Generative AI for systematic trading & asset management. Harness the full power of GenAI for strategy research, backtesting simulations, and investment idea generation.


A Beginner's Guide to Systematic Trading: For Busy Professionals.

Discover systematic trading: a data-driven, disciplined approach for busy professionals. Learn about backtesting, simulation, and forward testing to build confidence in your trading system. Our platform simplifies the process.


The Evolution of Systematic Trading: A Brief History

The evolution of systematic trading has been a fascinating journey, marked by the continuous interplay between technology and financial markets. History can help investors and traders prepare for the next frontier.


The Power of Simple, Stacked, and Sized: Unleashing the Potential of Multi-Strategy Trading Systems

Discover the power of simple, stacked, and sized trading systems! Combine multiple strategies, intelligent position sizing, and computer-driven techniques to achieve a smooth equity curve and grow your portfolio exponentially.


Game Theory and Trading Strategy Creation

Game theory can be applied to trading strategies. Understand concepts such as Nash equilibrium, zero-sum games, and prisoner's dilemma. Develop your own strategy by identifying patterns, testing, and adjusting it.