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In this blog we share thoughts, ideas and howtos for new traders to help in their journey to become experts.

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A Beginner's Guide to Systematic Trading: For Busy Professionals.

Discover systematic trading: a data-driven, disciplined approach for busy professionals. Learn about backtesting, simulation, and forward testing to build confidence in your trading system. Our platform simplifies the process.


The Power of Simple, Stacked, and Sized: Unleashing the Potential of Multi-Strategy Trading Systems

Discover the power of simple, stacked, and sized trading systems! Combine multiple strategies, intelligent position sizing, and computer-driven techniques to achieve a smooth equity curve and grow your portfolio exponentially.


You are backtesting stock trading strategies the wrong way

We cover what is wrong with how most traders backtest and the limitation of the existing backtesting software available in the market. We also provide a glimpse of how we solve it at, which will be launching soon.


Position Sizing in Trading with Kelly Criterion

How much of your portfolio should you put in a given trade or investment? That's something that intrigues all traders and investors. There is a scientific solution to this problem. It is called the Kelly Criterion.


The Biggest Mistake New Traders Make

Why do 90-95% of traders fail? While there are various reasons for this but in this blog post, we address the most important reason, which also happens to be the biggest mistake that new traders make.